SWOS is now accepting student applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Please download, print and carefully fill out the Student Application form. More information can be found on our Enrollment & Registration page.
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Student Highlight

Marissa Moore

Southwest Open School specializes in high school education for alternative and at-risk students. Our students come from all walks of life and are all looking for the opportunity to expand their horizons and become local and global leaders.

Our featured student this month is Marissa Moore. She's from Dolores and has been a student at SWOS from almost 3 years. She is graduating this year and here's her story on how she was able to secure an paid internship through SWOS. 

2019-2020 School Calendar

School starts on August 12th. If you have not registered for classes yet, don't delay! Here's what you need to do:
OR you can pick up a Registration packet up from SWOS during the week (Monday - Thursday)
2. Take it home and fill it out. Have your Guardian sign it. (If 18 years old, sign it on your own)
3. Bring it back to the Office

Personalized Pathways

SWOS has the unique ability to meet each student’s educational needs through the concept of Personalized Pathways. Through their SWOS high school education, students have the opportunity to learn about career fields, explore careers that interest them through job shadowing and/or internships, earn college credit in concurrent enrollment, utilize online options for credit recovery or credit acceleration, and be the driver of their own education. Personalized Pathways give all students greater opportunities, and especially help SWOS students graduate from high school prepared for their next steps. Together, we build your future!

Expeditionary Learning

As a school operating in one of the poorest counties in Colorado, we are able to give students the opportunity to think bigger than their story by offering a curriculum that allows students to build character skills and then use them in authentic settings as we take them out into the world and bring the world to them through our expeditionary learning approach. For example, the Spanish language course called "Americanos" explores in-depth Latin American history, including immigration and migrant labor in the United States. For several years now this class has traveled to the Central Valley of California where students complete home stays with migrant families and work with an organization called Quinto Del Sol on service projects in several communities in the Central Valley. Students return from these expeditions with changed perspectives, extensive knowledge of social and historical issues of Latin American communities, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Students often remark that it is on expeditions such as these that they gain more than the knowledge and skills offered in text books, but rather deep learning that will enrich their lives and futures.
Statement regarding COVID-19

Dear SWOS Fam,

It is our sincerest hope that everyone is faring well and has adequate resources during this unprecedented time. Governor Polis's directive for schools to remain physically closed until April 17th still stands. Despite this, SWOS staff have been working diligently to provide students with a means to continue their education, earn credit and for seniors to graduate on time. To this end our distance learning program will commence on Monday, March 30th. All teachers will have assignments for students available on Google Classroom. Your attendance will be your participation and completion of these assignments. We encourage all seniors to continue working on their portfolios. If you need assistance or have questions regarding senior portfolio, please contact Chad, Melissa and/or Miceal via email. If you would like support around online/ computer access, please contact Matt Keefauver at mkeefauver@cortez.k12.co.us.

If you normally eat breakfast and lunch at Southwest Open School and miss Glenda's culinary magic, please don't hesitate to contact Bonny White at bwhite@cortez.k12.co.us. Our donated food pantry is designed specifically for this. Additionally, if you are experiencing mental health issues or just need to talk to someone, Mark Maness is available at (970) 426 5301 or mmaness@cortez.k12.co.us. The Four Corners Youth Clinic will continue to operate and offer all services.

Be safe and take care of each other.

We are here for you and ready to help in any way we can.