Staff & Faculty
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Heart of SWOS

Our staff are at the heart of SWOS--one might say that they truly ARE the heart of SWOS. Without our inspiring and inspired staff, there wouldn’t be a “SWOSiverse.” Getting to know who they are is important, we believe, to understand what SWOS is all about!

Casey Simpson
Joe Kelly
Assistant Director
Danielle Clifton

Chris Kelley
Caitlin Munroe
Nate Osgood
Matt Robinson
Scott Spear
Kiah Garcia
Cindy McNeil
Exceptional Student Services
Devyn Lacey
Garden / Elective Teacher
Jeremy Morris
Humanities / ICAP
Joel Tracy
After graduating from Fort Lewis College in 1992 with degrees in English and Political Science, Joel discovered he had become too fond of the Four Corners area to leave. His eclectic interests and curiosities led him through a variety of jobs which included being the head brewer for Ska Brewing, land and environmental survey work, and oilfield geology before he found his way back into the classroom. Now, he enjoys helping students learn how to pursue their own interests and curiosities as they, and he, continue to discover new things about themselves and the world we all share.
Humanities, AP
Support Staff
Nick Ferraro
Student Outreach Coordinator
Glenda Alexander
Operations Manager
Stormie Syra
Kiley Lightenburger
REEL Case manager
Teri Gregory
School Support Specialist
Robin Wolthausen
School Health Professional
Dana Huskey
Reading Interventionist
Health Services
Eli Cover
Health Services
Patricia Nelson
Behavioral Health Practitioner
Julie Hite
Registered Nurse
Amy Gordanier
Health Services
Michelle Rhonehouse
Health Services
Debbie Frans
Health Services
Board of Directors
Josh Standard
Tia Lee
Vice President
Erick Cheever
Ryan Spittler
Melissa Hackett
2023 - 2024 Board Meetings:
The Southwest Open School Board will conduct their regular monthly board meetings, every second Monday of every month, unless otherwise posted. The meetings remain open to the public. Please visit our calendar for more details.