Southwest Open School

School Counselor – Job Description                                        

Work hours/weeks: 24 hours per week; 39 work weeks          Start Date: August 7, 2017 (178 days) – 12 months

Benefits: N/A

Position Summary:  To provide substance abuse and behavioral health care to all SWOS students and assist with academic development, career development and social/character development as per the American School Counselor Association standards.


  • Have/work toward s Master’s degree in school counseling/school psychology/social work from an accredited college or university.
  • 2 Options for licensing requirement as a school counselor:
    • Currently licensed
    • Actively pursuing licensing requirements/temporary authorization from the Colorado Department of Education within 60 days of employment.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Employ systematically developed substance use education and prevention strategies working with at-risk students, including the “Continuum of Care” model
  • Provide staff training around substance use prevention and promotion in the classroom and in the MTSS process
  • Work collaboratively with the SWOS staff to implement Alternatives to Suspension for substance use and meet SBIRT AND CRAFFT requirements
  • Support use of SBIRT on all screenings done during initial student physicals
  • Support the following goals and objectives as detailed in the approved grant proposal:
    • Goal 1 Obj. 1a – Increase the ration of health care professionals to students
    • Goal 2 Obj. 2 a, b, c – 47% Reduction in discipline for drugs (especially marijuana); increased CRAFFT usage by 30% from baseline of 49%; SBIRT response to all CRAFFT screenings
    • Goal 3 Obj. 3 a – Support implementation of protocols/procedures for ATS in student handbook
    • Goal 4 Obj. 4 a – 60% increase in student-identified awareness of education and prevention around substance use
  • Support the Assistant Director and the ACE Team by:
    • Providing direct support service to individual students, small groups, and classrooms in the areas of academic development, career development, and character development as per the ASCA standards.
    • Assisting with the completion of Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP), Individual Plans for Success, and other academic and career planning.
    • Consulting with other professional staff, outside agencies and organizations to enhance postsecondary workforce culture and opportunities.
  • Organize and administer referrals and counseling with students and families.
  • Refer students and their families to outsides agencies and specialists, as appropriate.
  • Promote a caring, positive environment that illustrates an understanding and appreciation for diverse populations.
  • Complete reports as needed or as requested/required by Federal, State and local agencies.
  • Promote the principles of SWOSology (character skills).
  • Participate in continuous professional development and growth.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

 Working Conditions: Maintain emotional control under stress.  Work with frequent interruptions.  Occasional travel. Occasional prolonged and irregular hours. Maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance.

This is a CDE grant-funded position; we are currently in year 2. Employment beyond year 3 is contingent on additional funding.

For more information, please call Dr. Charlotte Wolf, 970.565.1150 x 6015.